The culmination of multi genre mixture, like a sound bar of sorts or a palette of paints creating order and confusion amidst chaos and creation whether it is beauty in harsh landscape or the beast in rock terrain.

Whether it is the archiving about a diary of severed love lost, or the striking of the atomic clock, war expeditions in the desert, or maybe blondes on the beach, ghosts of civil war, x-ray minds, dead hymen, lush moon or Eden, Noah and the cave of consciousness, or Mr. Mystery and brontophobia, and fetish noir and the analogue signal. The list goes on and on, with song after song takes the attentive ears visiting places and the history of things on a musical ride.

The knowledge of subject matters is one of several integral parts that make an archive interesting and most of all amazing and Brilliant Music Archive series is exactly that, and it certainly does not compromise in any way in splitting sovereignty between all integral parts. When we switch attention to the music and the part its mood altering properties play the listener feels the presence of something captivating, intrepid, mesmerizing and most of all something brilliant.