The Cyclopedia Cykxonyx concept, created and produced by Ray Buttigieg compiled from various collaborations from various band projects interlaced like a soundtrack to the film thought process.

The mixology of speech and sound sets the listener up to energy and mood, whether it is a WW 2 bomber or a spaceship landing, the mixing layers present the next track, and the next. Then the voice on a megaphone declaring Orwellian dogma to revolting crowds, while the noise of forgotten past rehashed by the voice of the biased news anchor with an elephantís memory precludes another track.

The scream of two teenage girls petrified inside a house being invaded by a mass murderer, a lunatic politicianís speech carried live on TV, a police chase on some California highway, minister preacher scornful voice consumed with anger, the sex therapist, diary of a Beverly Hills housewife from last century, and a disturbing storm raging outside your window. The next track is coming up before the closing track.

The concept of Cyclopedia Cykxonyx could be cyclopean in its planning stage, complex in its execution, but upon completion, the results are extremely rewarding to the listeners and the producer alike.