Members from FTSG, Novi Mystici, Prosper Falls and other special guests collaborate on songs and compliment the foundation to the project laid by Ray Buttigieg and Nala Smith first initial four songs.

The ethereal female voices in Gossamer & Lace reminds the listener about This Mortal Coil at a time when the supreme voices were those of Liz Frazier and Lisa Gerrard of Cocteau Twins and Death Can Dance respectively.

On Meditabor Fiammetta sings; Meditabor in Mandates Tuis, Quale Dilexi valde: Et Levabo Manus Meas Ad Mandata Tua Quae Dilexi.

(Traditional Song)
Or Sadie from Prosper Falls in Ambergris

If sweet smiles regain Fields of paradise once lost Then it's easy to find The perfume of life.
A feeling like no other.
If hidden or not hidden, If knowing or not knowing Nothing to find, Nothing to know
A feeling like no other A feeling like no other…

(Copyright 1994 Cykxpoetics)
Or the sense of wonder impeccably portrayed by Caroline Blind in Dreaming Winter Snow covers shadows Landscapes bleeding green Death weeps over blood dreams tell us wild tales Silent fires that delights dancers Snow reminds us of joy's remembrance. The weather mourns together Hobo wind mourns dust Rivers believe in water Winds melt into silence. Songs sweep up stars together Silent sleep speaks stones Or stones speak silent sleep.

(Copyright 1993 Cykxpoetics)
Desire Becomes Being is and will always be a collaboration of collected pieces created out of beauty spun and woven out of gorgeous tapestry of poetry and angelic music to comfort the sensitive heart filled with dreams, passion and desires.