Ray Buttigieg made New York his home away from home when he arrived some thirty years ago and in the shadows of skyscrapers and high-rises he made his studio CykxSoundLab his temple of sound, or a sound foundry.
The science of sound, the phenomena of sound, the music of sound he very much describes like making wine from grapes, and in terms of his music it has all been like wine, it became better with time.
From his first adventure in sound to his index of projects translating into multitudes of successes, music and life has been sweet like wine.

Jimmy Hale was born and lives in a rural part of the South Carolina mountains. He has been playing music for the past 20 years “This is were I have spent much of my time, engaged and immersed in nature and music production, the two really go hand in hand for me”.
“Electronic music has been the most appealing to me because I can complete the whole production process, as well as how it speaks to my soul with its rhythmic patterns which can build and release so beautifully”. he continues.
He has played numerous live shows as well as DJ. “It motivates me when an audience reacts to a particular part of music that I felt strongly about while creating it. Music really is a universal language.