Dmitry Klimov, a/k/a Ezerhall was born in Russia in the 1980. His interest in music started at a very early age and by listening and observing the process, he learned how to play the keyboards. Acquiring a good ear and a sense of rhythm combined with being well versed in computers he became attracted to sound design acquiring a great appetite for multi genre music mostly metal, classical, symphonic, psychedelic, especially preferring dark genres.

When he started writing his own songs, he put great priorities to melodiousness and rhythmical patterns. From days where he wanted to create an ambient waves and soundscapes album, to periods when he was inspired to do music tracks with vocal and lyrics, practicing his vocal chords with some strange articulation to instant adaptability to a two-octave range tenor. Recently he was working with soundtrack for simple mobile-games, where he created and combined various sounds approaching the work unhindered and unsubordinated of any bounds.

From 2007 and 2010, he took part in several opening concerts on several tours with famed rock-bands 69 Eyes and Theatre Des Vampires in Moscow, St.Petersburg, and Nizhniy Novgorod, as a keyboard performer, arranger and sound designer. A graduate of linguistics and philosophy, versatile with computer sciences and creative with music he often dreams of composing a vast work, something symphonic, triumphal, very exciting, dark with huge amount of instruments, mainly real, but also digital and analog. One day he will feel completely ready to submerge in full contemplations to realize it. However, for now it is just a dream….and a great desire to acquire more skills and abilities to understand more how to be and create.