The mysterious, the passionate, the desirous, the thunderous, the dark and bittersweet melancholia, poignant poetic enactments, the exquisite and most secret are some of the things that could describe From the Secret Garden. This is a vehicle for everything delicately enchanting and beautiful very much like an etching by Gustavo Dore's Elaine. FTSG is like a moth attracted to the fire, its light and love, spelled passionately without any conditions, nor constrains, but with one and only principle that beauty cannot be compromised.

Ray Buttigieg, (pronounced Beauti’ gig - the “g” a hard “g” like as in gate) was born in Malta. At a very young age he moved to the US and used New York City as his home and launching pad success after success, hit after hit as a composer, poet, performer and producer for the past three decades. Although Ray is considered one of the first pioneers of Electronic Music in the class of the European school of Electronic music with such artists as Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream, all with impressive catalogs of their Electronic music releases, Ray has also had his hands at many types of music whether composing it or producing it. A quite impressive catalog ranging from Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Dance, all executed by the mastery of a serious artist and in the end rewarded with praise and success.

Peter Geisheker (A.K.A., Positively Dark) was born January 27, 1971 and has been writing electronic music for over 20 years. Peter resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Peter started composing electronic music at age 11 after hearing his father play music by artists such as Vangelis, Jean Michael Jarre, and Tangerine Dream. Inspired by the unique sounds of synthesizers, Peter saved his money to purchase his first synthesizer—a Yamaha DX-21. Within a few days Peter was composing his first songs.
Peter's music was used for the soundtrack of the Australian film, Born 2B Elite by Essai Films, and the romantic movie Illusion by Draco Productions. His music is also being used for a scientist training DVD for the MARS Research Society. Peter has recently taken up guitar and will be playing guitar on his future releases.

Torok Zoltan was born in 1975 in Hungary. When he was 15 years old, he got his first synth and guitar. He had studied the basics for two years, and then advanced theory for classical guitar. In 1999 he started his cartography studies at the university of Elte in Budapest, and graduated with honors in 2004 as a cartographer. That same year he composed his first concept album "Contacts". After that he created and finished the sequence with two other albums, "The Consummation" and "The Ascension". There are many styles of music Zoltan explored and composed over the years especially in the action, logical, adventure game for game- developer companies. For the last 4 years he has been working on an adaptation of a classical Hungarian fantasy book called Word of Chaos, which is a very large project in scope, with many different styles of music.