Established in 1977, for releasing music of substance, creativity, and excellence, free from the trappings of commercial restrictions and mainstream cultural trends, more interested in the innovation of music of the future. Cykxincorp evolved into music, as well as book publishing ventures, thus Cykxmusic Publishing and Cykxbook Publishing, the twin vehicles into the publishing world of literary and musical works.

With the first royalty checks combined with all other resources used in building CykxSoundLab, a state of the art recording studio in New York City with the purpose of working, experimenting, composing and recording in house projects. The beginning of a new era was emerging with the arrival of the first handful of electronic music releases that enlightened the planet from a horizon of new technological advances and the innovative circuitry in new synth keyboards and sound modules. Cykxonyx was born out of the sound colors that were possible with integrated circuitry with the sole purpose of inventing sound in a box that could produce music textures and frequencies never heard before as well as sound designing, where the colors on the sound palette have now become endless. With these endless possibilities, long day sessions turned into weeks and sometimes months of continual experimenting, improvising, recording and collaborating between artists and producer under the backing and supporting arm of Cykxproductions.

For most recording artists, authors and listeners, one cannot underestimate the power of presentation of the cover art, the visual imagination behind the ideas and concept of the artistic content created by its creators and its publishers. Metagraphics was the pen and paper, monitor and lens for all the album art and design concepts for graphics and photographics that dealt with the production of cover presentation for album and book for our rooster of artists. With the emergence of music videos and short films in the early eighties, artists were able to express their compositions visually, act their dream, a fantasy, a work, or a live performance and Cykxvisuals produced numerous videos and soundtracks for the same intended purpose. The idea of composing a short film and a music soundtrack to accompany it worked like hand in glove was a very enticing, interesting and exiting venture to launch.

For more than 35 years, working with major, as well as independent labels, seeing scores of artists come and go, and dozens of labels gone bust, in our search for artists, our criterion has always been integrity and the respect of their creative license. This alliance has proven to be the perfect ideal and have yield harmonious productivity and longevity - such perfect synergy! As it was since its inception and it will be the same, going into the future, the aims of the labels group imprints will always be to foster the unbridled individual passions of artists, poets, and musicians, portrayed in their timeless words and music. For the past several decades starting from the mid 1970's through the 1980's, 1990's to the 2000's and beyond being immersed in a potpourri of styles, flavors and frequencies of music ranging from Pop Rock, Electronic, Experimental, to Ambient, Musique Concrete, to Ethereal, Gothic, Soundtrack and contemporary Classical. Artists like Afterthought, Ray Buttigieg, Process, Noise Button and Ray Buttigieg/Cykx have become part of the history of Cykxincorp's first phase of recording artists, while bands like Dyr 3, Stratus, Secret Sky Society, Circa 2000 A.D., Stellar Nursery, Desire Becomes Being, From the Secret Garden and others are a breed of a recent phase of collaborative music creators. For this very purpose the music group of companies comprising of Cykxincorp, Standing Stone Recording Company, Cykxrecords, Cykx and Cykx Classical were not only the building blocks but also the host of a more interesting impulse of art and culture.