In the summer of 1996 Johnny Rocker came on the scene with the hit “Maltese Summer Pt. 2 (And the Sun will Shine)”/ “Gone with the Wind” becoming a historic repeat, a hit on both sides of the Atlantic that Ray Buttigieg and his band Cykx first achieved in 1976-77. There was only one exception Maltese Summer had a brand new lyrics penned by Ray Buttigieg commemorating the 20th anniversary, The new lyrics revealed the characters of Aphrodite and Johnny behind the scenery of a Maltese summer at the sandy beach of Ramla Bay, and therefore expanding the whole saga of the two lovers with a quasi autobiographical slant. Then in 2001 something horrific happened in New York City that changed everything that day when WTC attacked and on TV the whole world saw the towers collapsing to the ground with more than three thousands souls perishing with them. Those dreadful scenes on TV, the grief, the total loss, the pain, the tears around the world, yet hope and inspiration and out of this inspiration a ballad for NYC was conceived about the spirit of New Yorkers, about the American spirit. On the following anniversary the Ray Buttigieg composition “An American Tragedy” along with “God Bless America” was released under the title “Out of Many, One” which was a true tribute of the idea and amazing experiment called the United States of America.