Marc Corominas aka Kannonh Pachelbell was born in Sabadell, in 1971. From a very age of 4 he showed an attraction to music gravitating to his grandfather's accordion while hiding behind bags of flour and surrounded by boxes of pastry in his parents store.

He began studying piano and music theory in 1977. At age 14 he decides to teach himself, and cultivate free improvisation. At 18, he began to write compositions with synthesizers while acquiring his first analog machine, playing and composing with strong 1970's electronic music textures and influences. During this decade he discovered many new sound textures, while playing and exploring synthesizers in his personal studio, while also began to play guitar and the violin and tin whistle. Around 1990, he decided to explore folk Celtic music in several bands, using sometimes mandolina and other instruments to compliment his explorations. Towards the end of that decade, he initialized several music collaborations for audio-visual production companies, using generally pop and techno rhythms.

As the decade of the 2000 approached he feel in love with modern music through the influence and spell of Tete Montoliu's music, realizing it is time to begin to explore new chords and new musical forms with piano. Since 2003, he studied music therapy for several years, thereby greatly improving his improvisational skills, learning to free his musical mind to live in freedom. As he puts it: "This was a great deal in my life, that sometimes seems to be a prison. Great improvisational moments can greatly and generously break these grids moreover, a new universal order will be formed in my mind, taking advantage from the spontaneous movement of notes, wrapped with synthesized sounds which stretch and deform like hot rubber". In 2005, he rediscovered again the accordion, this time using it as a new musical instrument for communication means, renewing his love for compositional concepts, combining improvisational solos within musical pieces, while also acquiring a taste for strong jazz influences during this time culminating in intense concentration on pianos.

Since 2008, apart of his own music and through his job as a music therapist, he decided to explore and mixing folk tunes with his own style of mixed voices with pianos with both familiar and strange sounds for elderly people with severe diseases as relievers and relaxation medium. In 2011, he delved in his latest musical influences ranging from classical symphonic and romantic music, having tasted the flavors of music from Beethoven or Wagner. Although this had a great and deep impact in his life, he wants to continue exploring modern music and regularly practices on the saxophone to expand knowledge and skill with different instrument touches and sound possibilities. His aim is to make a great integration within this great universe: the music. As he said; "My music is myself, and through this in myself I am constantly learning, experiencing and thinking all the time"