Chiara Suite was born in Italy and since a very early age was around music and through the influence of her father grew up listening to classical music. Growing up she learned to play the piano, singing and to develop interest towards various types of music. Primarily a solo singer until I meeting up with Scene that has brought her to a new world that is special and intense.
Often drawn in comparison to Lisa Gerrard in terms of voice execution, beauty and exoticism, A euphoria that soothes like sunshine to such emotions exposed to a world disposable in its void.

Fabrizio Greco was born in 13/03/1977 in a little country named "Voldobbiadene" closed to Treviso, later he moved to Rome. Fabrizio Greco is now working on his project "Scene", building up ambient sounds with continuous reference to different types of music that have influenced and formed his artistic background. The artist's creativity has been marked by the eighties New Wave, jazz in the 1930s, the dawn of electronic music and, above all, the recent spread of these genres into the global trance and Chillout music-Tecno Ambient-Idm-Minimal scene. Fabrizio works in his studio in Rome. In 1986, he began learning how to play the drums and he picked up notions on jazz and rock music in the D.O. school of Rome. In 1987, he joined different groups, playing live at various cultural events. He played drums with a gothic band named Second Rate Actors (Rozz Williamsís style). He started to play and perform as Dj. Fabrizio and deejayed in various clubs in Rome. In 1999, Fabrizio found project Dhea, saw events take off at Brancaleone and Blucheese. He celebrated musical happenings such as Psyberia in Caserta where the well-known group Kox box were invited as guests for the first time in Italy, followed soon after by Shakta, another renowned group on the trance scene. In the 2004 he got a degree in sound engineering and in the 2006 he followed by a law studies degree in 2006. Fabrizio uses software programs to produce his music. His passion for music led him to follow his artistic vocation as a compose