Carl Morrison ( Mac D.J) was born in a village called Marston Green in the U.K. in the West Midlands, but grew up in Birmingham. He comes from a family who love music and that love of music rubbed off on him and his brothers and sisters. As a teenager, he watched his older brother create and develop a crew of D.J.’s that toured the midlands and the North of the U.K. They had somewhat of a “Cult” following and was a source of inspiration for Carl.

Carl has been into music virtually all his life, his love for all types of music has evolved over the years to include new styles of music as they came along.

He first got into producing music by accident, when his younger brother Andrew (Drew Mac) brought an old computer and some software to his home and said, "Have a go." He did, it was crap, and his career as a music producer/artist almost ended, there and then, but he decided that it was worth another shot and continued with it.

In his spare time he worked on various different styles of music and eventually he got better at it. He used to take his finished cds to work and play them as he worked through the day. He noticed people were showing an interest in his music and wanting to know who the artist was and when he told them that he was the artist they insisted he try to do something with them. At that time he went to a music project called "Making Music Work" and they helped him with the networking side of the music industry where he had some radio airplay and a write up in a music magazine.