From the age of wheels, pulleys, and gears, inventions and instruments; a golden age of human innovation, invention and ingenuity took hold on the world with marvelous fascination and since the industrial age, it has been an acceleration of progress. The world never looked back to a time before the first steam engine or air balloon and like they say “the world was never the same” in this passage of time where all mechanical, technical, technological and scientific dreams transmitted to the world by print, wireless to the age of computers and the internet.

All the above said is certainly the spirit in describing the idea behind Mix Miscellanea, but regarding closer observation, the concept is like thinking in reverse. Stating a popular thought experiment of a tree falling in the forest and if no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound is a philosophical observation of the before and after the knowledge of reality. Not only would it make a sound when it falls even if no one is around to hear it, but also no one needs present to hear in a technological age.

Similarly, when the individual artist, or band is drafting a song, a composition and then crafting it in the studio, you could say that the score is being laid, and the combination and collaboration of Mix Miscellanea becomes the soundtrack and that soundtrack becomes the performance.

In a time of sheer inspiration and sense of adventure, like past adventurers and future discoverers one could climb up into a time machine and travel to the turn of the centuries of imagination.