Misera C is a music project created by Martin Chénier where he also collaborates with other artists, whether they it is singers, or other musicians adding sound layers to compositions.

As he puts it, ‘I used to study music. I had long and cleaned fingernails to play my classical guitar with, and because I was a frustrated and unhappy teenager, I used to write music and play electric guitar for Metal and Punk bands. And then I quit it all’.

In 2006, while editing / co-directing a depressing TV show, he decided to write additional music for a few episodes, and rediscovered some of those lost passions. With such new instruments of the present time it became a new born idea and second nature to create such gorgeous soundscapes that seems at times to be fleeting and at other times flying and floating in a universe of their own.

About his latest endeavor, he said; ‘So now, in this "Misera" project, I’m trying to create some kind of soundscape invoking various images. Some kind of blend between anxiety, sadness, beauty, fear & hope...I only write music when I feel the need to. Most of the time, it's in the middle of the night when I'm not feeling well. So, sometimes, there's a lot of bad insomnia type of negative energy as well as inspiration in these pieces.