The popular maxim, "Maximum Minimum," describes the sound of Kraftwerk very brilliantly, where less is best and more is better, or the classic works of English band, Art of Noise, Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise? Where the ambient vistas sprawled all over the soundtrack, transported the listener to the shores of curiosity, only to realize by a few notes filled with sorrow and pain that sound, like time, changes everything. These observances and influences not only gave birth to the sound of Noise Button, but also formed it like water would, against sand and rock.
Another principal adhered to in continuously creating and recreating the Noise Button sound and music is the four musical instruments of nature that are the elements themselves. Wherein the big scheme of things, it makes perfect sense to hear the music of sound as opposed to the sound of music. Welcome to the sound of Noise Button.

Mateus Oliveira Fernandes was born on October 6, 1981 in the city of Araraquara, Brazil. Coming from a family of musicians and music lovers, music has always been present in his life since childhood studied music under his mother’s tutorship, while his mother’s piano playing fascinated and intrigued him to further inquire into the magical beauty of music.
Through radio, he first discovered electronic music and like rock, music really fascinated him greatly, but found it a little bit repetitive. As he discovered more bands fusing both idioms perfectly notably Pink Floyd, where in the melodies and the melancholy of the lyrics truly inspired him. One day he heard a song called “Glory Box” by the British band Portishead and he realized that this could be done totally with electronic arrangements and that’s what he has been dreaming about doing all this time. The use of electronic instruments to compose beautiful melodies of mixed arrangements with synthesizers, acoustic instruments and melancholy.
Mateus began to compose melodies with electronic computer programs that simulate synthesizers, where the possibilities are endless tones, orchestral sounds that his idols were using. Seeing the need to disseminate his music to the world, in 2005 he created the project “Electronic Cloud” (“Nuvem Eletrônica” in Portuguese). As an artist, Mateus is passionate about music, the cinema, poetry and art in general. Sought to express feelings and perceptions of the world in our time, through the electronic arrangements, all created by using a personal computer and your soul.

Claus Collstrup was born in a northern town in Denmark where he lives and work on his various music projects. Occasionally he introduces female voice to his danceable and sometimes fierce sounds to industrial hinges and other times mysterious element that permeates through the thread of his compositions.

In his illustrious career Ray Buttigieg have been involved in numerous music band projects ranging from pop to rock, from jazz to classical to the many emerging subgenres in instrumental electronic music. Ray Buttigieg was born in Malta, based in New York City for the past several decades where through his studio CykxSoundLab, as the center of his radius all his music originates. As a founding member and driving force behind Noise Button, Mr. Buttigieg lends his collaborative contribution in composition and production vast expertise to works that already exist as well as concepts not yet realized.