On one rainy day in April in a 1950’s style dinner the members that would become Phillis Teen talked and sketched on a napkins and place mat the inception of the band, and like they say the rest is history. The idea was a studio band rerecording a Ray Buttigieg composition that was originally recorded by him in the 1980’s and released as an EP, then the band In Rebellion recorded an extended version with a newly written poem narrated added to the original lyrics. The song in question off course is “Angry Man’s Heart” which Phillis Teen indeed recorded exactly how they planned it, becoming a Top 10 smash hit in the process.

Since Mr Buttigieg had a hand in the production contribution, he was approached to write new songs for the band which eventually resulted in two more big hits, “Games of Love” and “This House was built with Tears” through the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s culminating in the hugely successful release “Storms of Love”.