Raymond Francis Buttigieg (pronounced /beauti-gig/, with hard "g" as in "go") is considered one of the first pioneers of popular electronic music that sprung in the decade of the 1970's creating the mysterious soundtrack for a period of space exploration and the future of technology. A composer, songwriter, poet, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has been involved in some undertaking throughout his career as a solo artist and collaborator. Talented, impressively creative and immensely innovative in breaking barriers and conquering frontiers of sound,, and how it could be fashioned into musical creations. In a career spanning almost 35 years, releasing more than 60 studio, symphonic poems, and soundtrack albums as solo artist or under a collaborative alter ego Ray Buttigieg/Cykx, more than 40 EPs and scores of other self produced collaborative releases. Ray Buttigieg was born in 1955 in Malta, moved to New York City in 1974, today regarded as the greatest and most successful artist ever to hail from the islands of Malta, with such an immense body of musical and literary works to his name. His beginnings formed from the pop music of The Beatles, T-Rex and David Bowie he wrote several hit songs on both sides of the Atlantic for his band Cykx in 1975/76, Johnny Rocker, Eva Nova, Kelly Childs and Phillis Teen. At this same period of time, Ray had a secret and he was keeping it as such, he was experimenting with sounds and textures and writing 45 minute pieces of music and several hundred line poems. After all the world of music after Dark side of the Moon was not the same and Ray was becoming more mesmerized by this new emerging electronic sound and leaving all those traditional pop and rock compositions behind. It took until 1978/79 for the first of these experiments to be released in a period where other pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis and Kraftwerk and another handful of artists from around the world treating the entire globe with this enigmatic sound. Albums like Compucircuit 0.008m/s, Mechanism of Thought, Quantum Mechanics, Codes as well as the introduction of the Symphonic Poem and the Earthnoise series became classics that still stand the test of time decades after their release. He has also worked and continue to work as a collaborator and producer of bands such as Noise Button, Stratus, From the Secret Garden, Dyr 3, Process, Afterthought, Novi Mystici, System 6, and In Rebellion through the eighties, nineties and the noughties. There are newer band projects that Ray Buttigieg will utilize the ever expanding pallette of electronic music genre with bands like Stellar Nursery, Nosferatum, The Freemusicians, Synaesthesia, Words Like Bullets, Luminous Fields, and others into the next decade and beyond.

The poet, the composer, the musician, the sound designer, the producer or the artist. to Ray Buttigieg these are all just useless words, what he continually strives and struggles with every single day of his life is to keep those veins of creative juices always flowing, the rest is just mundane superficial gibberish. The creative element is the rule everything Ray creates is measured by and that has been the law that he has been employing on himself ever since he started writing in the late 1960's early 1970's in everything he creates whether it's a poem, a lyric, a song, or a piece of music. Living in New York City for several decades is where he creates not what popular culture dictates and consumes, but what he deems creative.

In the decade of the Eighties Ray had established himself as a composer who could write a batch of songs aside and different from his music that would put some artist or band on the map, while in the Nineties and beyond he has been the founder and producer of bands and projects like Dyr 3, Noise Button, FTSG, System 6, and others. In Ray Buttigieg's world music is not about what the trend is at the moment, and neither is about commercial entertainment circus that it has become it is art and it's important to him as the air he breathes.