A chance encounter in New York City's downtown scene in the mid eighties florished into some composing and recording sessions that yield some incredible and piognant songs. From sketches on paper napkins or backs of flyers from favorite coffee shops and book stores to finished music sheets for violins and cellos as the orchestral arrangement for each songs mixing the rock facade with the classical influened interior. In the end, several recording sessions in the New York cold winter of 1986-87 and several Ensoniq keyboards all the songs were recorded and finished achieving the results intended without any hitch and acoustic nightmares that a a real violin and cello would seriously pose. From the deep emotions of 'Feel" and "Young and Dangerous" to the pain and longing demostrated in "A Soldier's Sacrifice" and "Masque Macaque" the chain of true grit and raw emotions uncoils itself and thus revealing the condition of the heart and mind of the songwriter manifested and expressed in words and music.