This alliance formed between computer and human, the man meets machine scenario and music being its offspring certainly was an adventure into other dimensions, whether it will be subject matter, music direction in terms of style and space, or simply a state of mind with no borders and stripped down barriers. A cosmopolis of future passage whether it's the expanse of the human mind as a space for travel, or the universe itself this world is a mere grain of sand spinning and searching with the ambition and strength of a seed of discovery.

From the first experiments on Triangulum and Thru Energy (We Connect) towards the end of the Seventies through the highly acclaimed classic Compucircuit 0.008 m/s (1981) and the cult hit album Mechanism of Thought (1984) in this short epoch between Ray Buttigieg and Cykx (the Computer) that lasted 6 years from the late Seventies to the early Eighties a very important document has been created in the history of Electronic music. These projects formed and completed the ultimate collection Operation Trilogy which was released in the year 2001.