Consider the sound of rain beating on your windowpane, or spraying the trees in the scenery with that clear liquid, or maybe totally processed the crowd’s wall of sound to the hiss and hum of the night skies above the murmur and occasional roar of the silvery ocean. Although we are talking about familiar things, which we recognize from our everyday life, we are also talking about the science of sound every time we hear a noise, a sound Whether nature is the writer and conductor, or composed and produced by a human through processors, recorders, by traditional instruments or found objects of sounds.

The simple and humble beginnings of musique concrete have left an indelible mark in modern music, very much like that footprint on the moon. This when you consider that this concept ran through main vein of The Beatles, Pink Floyd’s and other artists musical catalog as well as the sound designers and instrument inventors canvas of thinking in terms of influence , inspiration and change of philosophy. Now, in the beginning of the new millennium, almost every genre of modern music on this planet is some way or another electronified.

The various artists selected to be part of the “Sound Science Series” collections are not only innovators of new sound ideas, but also discoverers of new universes of new sound textures, whether made, found or invented and in this spirit, we would like to continue the journey and discovery of the science of sound.