In this collaborative project LSK's passionate voice creates its own universe with every lyrical line, every sung lyric is more like a scene after a scene, or a dream within a dream combined with the dramatization of the soundtrack by Ray Buttigieg, whether it is the opening to a scene or closing of the curtain. The protagonist in the story is hiding a secret, a book of poems, or a book of invisible dreams where it is the dead of night dark as the bowels of the earth, or a twilight train into the morning time where things are awake. With similar influences effected by the same revered characters from this world of some have died and a few are still alive, one cannot help but feel the energy of Kerouac, Jean Luc Godard, Marc Bolan or Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. Some tracks were created and recorded pre or during, rejected or utilized within Demian Clav's "Nightfall's Prayers" sessions where years later Ray Buttigieg arranged the pieces laced together into a symphette.