After Ray Buttigieg was involved with the finishing of their self titled album as an executive producer, and working separately with Fiammetta and Stefano there was a mysterious desire to use this beautiful moment in time to do some centuries past spiritual/religious music. Aside from remakes of some beautiful traditional chants and psalms, Buttigieg wanted to write a few songs in Latin. Work started, tapes were sent to Novi Mystici studios in Bologna back to Cykxsoundlab in New York and in the end this transatlantic collaboration yielded one of the most beautiful and enduring albums of all time. Ethereal gothic in nature and though some comparisons to the likes of Death can Dance and Enigma are extremely flattering, yet do not really do justice to its profound beauty that Apocraphon ended up to be. A sparkling gem is what another critic called it and that it is no matter how much time passes by.