The story of SL starts from the approach of a material layer where this standalone formation got priority approximately 10 years ago after the absolutely necessary technical background was already available in the mind, the heart and on paper. The musical ideas were waiting to be implemented since 1992, but because of other resposibilities and obligations in other musical bands there was no time to work with this album only two promo stuff was released during the passed years. Suddenly as all the previously mentioned time consuming tasks disappeared the opportunity presented itself and now there was time to create the project album, as it was intended and planned.

And the story continues in the middle of a spiritual layer like a seed inside the fruit a macrocosm sleeping in thesis of the soul, as in the process of creating because in the compositions only the very small portions of the dreaded island of the human being that is (I, me myself) get to the surface, the infinite inner dominium gets final real body mostly via the mind impulses getting interpreted as wave forms. Real inception of the thought being sent by the composer can be understood when the receiver builds up a single direction interpreter from the creator. The creative individualism forces the receiver's currently undiscovered values to form knowledge in the mind. Instinct as the limited cloned consciousness shall be kept away during the period of the acceptation of the composition.

Not what man knows but what man feels concerns art. All else is science. (Bernard Berenson, 1897)