Secret Sky Society is another collaborative band project founded by Ray Buttigieg in the mid-noughties dedicated to the mysterious knowledge of the world culminating in mysterious music that not only possess a sense of awe, but also inspires the listener every time the music is experienced.

Guardians of the skies, knowledge of the ancients, secrets of the pyramids and the great civilization of ancient Egypt, the ten kings of Atlantis, the earth like a mirror reflecting the skies, are some of the subjects Secret Sky Society is inspired by to continue creating these delicate works that will stand the test of time like their subjects of inspiration.

Secret Sky Society’s aim has always been to use the music like a vehicle for them as composers and performers as well as the listeners to travel on this magical and mystical adventure.

In his illustrious career Ray Buttigieg have been involved in numerous music band projects ranging from pop to rock, from jazz to classical to the many emerging subgenres in instrumental electronic music. Ray Buttigieg was born in Malta, based in New York City for the past several decades where through his studio CykxSoundLab, as the center of his radius all his music originates. As a founding member and driving force behind Secret Sky Society, Mr. Buttigieg lends his collaborative contribution in composition and production vast expertise to works that already exist as well as concepts not yet realized.

From France, Epsilon is a composer and artist who more than a decade ago fell in love first with synthesizers , and then with computers using them as paint brushes or tools to create and transform compositions interpreting every type of mood. Finding inspiration in everything that he sees, hear and experience, extremely hard to define as a musician in any particular style. Epsilon pulls you into his world of sound vibrating between the soft and hard, the simple and the complicated, or the serious and the light showing the listener the two facets of his personality.