Sirk a.k.a. Kristian Wølner comes from a small place in the countryside just outside Oslo, Norway, where, in addition to creating music, he works as an organic farmer.
After some rather disastrous attempts at playing bass in a punk band and keyboards in an experimental duo in the early eighties, purchasing a computer in 1997 gave Sirk's career in music a new chance. Sirk's free form of slow Electronica (including ambient, down tempo and world fusion) garnered many listeners and fans. He also collaborated with a number of great artists over the internet such as vocalists Louise Fraser (UK) and Sandhya Sanjana (India), and Christopher Wing a.k.a. WalkSkipRunGlide (US).

These last years the music has changed into a slightly darker and more experimental form of “northern” ambient that transports the listener through the landscapes and vistas of the northern realm.