"Ray Buttigieg's sound is a cross between Jean Michel Jarre and Klaus Schulze."
Keyboard Magazine

Ray Buttigieg, first 6 string guitar New York early 1970's

Ray Buttigieg (Beau-ti-gig): born in the Maltese Islands, in the small picturesque village of Qala, overlooking Mount Etna in the distant haze, some fifty miles away, towering over the southern shores of Sicily, in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Some two miles away from his birth place lies the oldest megalithic temples in the world (Ġgantija), dating back 7-8,000 years ago. This is a heritage Mr. Buttigieg is extremely proud of and a subject of great interest and wonderment, considering the builders of these temples, these timekeepers, these dwellers, were the ancestral people of which he is a descendant. Even though New York City has been his home base, his beginnings and his ancestry of rich history is very much evident in his musical ideas and works.

Ray's first professional recording with his band, Cykx, was a double-sided hit that made the charts in the U.S., Sweden, Portugal, and Malta. The first Maltese artist/composer ever to have a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, topping the charts at the young age of 21, with compositions he wrote when he was 17.

In the mid-80's, along with artists like Burne/Eno; Vangelis; Phillip Glass; Steve Reich; Kitaro; Deuter; Fripp/Summers; and Tangerine Dream, Ray Buttigieg was one of the top artists featured on WNYC's most successful "Favorite-Requests" fundraiser drive for public radio.

Ray Buttigieg, red 6 string guitar studio Philadelphia

Ray Buttigieg, electronic analog synths battery New York circa 1980

"As one of the world's first pioneers of (Popular) Electronic Music, Ray Buttigieg is part of a pantheon of great composers like Vangelis, Klause Schulze, Tomita, Tangerine Dream, Philip Glass, Synergy, Sakomoto, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Kitano, and others."

-T. Hawke
Blue Dawn Yonder

Ray Buttigieg, Central park pond New York early 1974

"Similarily in the U.S. - U.K. literary circles, as well as in other non-English speaking countries, Ray Buttigieg has been hailed as the beloved poet of the Maltese Islands."

-The Poetry Academy

Ray Buttigieg, at Hagar Qim temples Malta