Our home planet earth continually affected by internal and external forces causes and sources from the pressure of the elements to the pull of strings by the movements in the solar system. These are momentous times for us, and our planet. Then we look at the mind of this planet we call the world, where chaos and conflict perpetuate, as old as the first humans are still not resolved. The history of the world, smeared with strife, diseases and destruction, wars and suffering is still present like a persistent cancer in the midst of humanity. Yet we are at an age where the world’s collective mind is moving towards a realization that doing things the same way for last millennia and expecting a different result; hence change of our conscious mind is at the threshold of change. The mind and spirit of the music of Luminous Fields is the spirit of this world revolution, this positive light that will illuminate the world with love, karma, energy and spiritual revolution. The soothing sounds that sometimes words themselves could barely convey a river of emotions, a train of thoughts, a wind of global realization that change is now and is within.